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BARONY of AVESCOT (Includes Ticket to Manorial Ball) $3,500 BUY NOW IT BEFORE IT'S GONE. Registered with The United Empire Register

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County: Oxfordshire, England



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Become a Baron & Baroness and upgrade your personal or company’s image through the use of this inheritable Title.

Manorial Ball
You will receive invitations to Manorial Balls 
 often attended by members of the Royal family where you will experience being introduced by your new Title as you enter the room 

              “BARON or BARONESS

Lordship Chain of Office & Rings


Also Comes with:

1. Court transfer deed for new Baron/Baroness in Leather bound folder.
2. Legal Conveyance Deed in compliance with Manorial / Feudal Law and the Law of Property Act 1925. 
3. Official Solicitor's/Lawyers Letter for applying Title to Passport, Driving Licence, Cheque Book and Credit/Debit cards [where applicable]
4. Official Lord Baron / Baroness Certificate with Official "LORD BARON OF THE MANOR SEAL"
5. £250,000 = $375,000 = 
€287,000 Indemnity Insurance / Guarantee
6. Barony History (where available) and List of known previous owners .