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Knights Templar Knights Templar Cloak  Knights Templar Seal

Knights Templar Appointments
Originally founded 1118
(Open to men and women of all faiths of honourable intentions)

Authorised Official Petitioners
We are authorised petitioners on behalf of the Knights Templars. We can petition on your behalf to acquire appointments (Titles) of the Knights Templars.

The Knights Templar have the ability to grant positions through “Letters Patent”. The Knights Templars are recognised by the Vatican Rome, Italy.

Our Petitioning Fees
Fixed £1,500 per appointment per person.

Positions and Appointments available

                               Minimum Joining Donations        Letters After name

Chevalier                                             £5,000                      CV

Knight or Dame                                 £10,000                     KT

Ambassador                                      £20,000                     AB

Principality Commander                 £70,000                    PRI
(Prince and Commander) A Commandery.
Right to grant Chevalier, Knight and Dame Titles.

Annul Membership fees : £200
Full regalia is included with your joining donation.

For further information please email us with the following information:

Petition fee fixed for all appointments.