BARON and BARONESS KERRYCURRICK in County of CORK Ireland with mineral, fishing and hunting rights (Fully REGISTERED) Listed 20/03/2020


This formed, with the present barony of Barrymore, including Great Island, the ancient principality of Hy-Liathan, or O'Lehane, and important southern sept claiming descent from Niall Olum, king of Munster. Their residence here was at Carrigaline ("Rock O'Lehane"). In Elizabeth's reign the barony was called Kerry-wherry. The territory between the harbours of Cork and Kinsale, of which this barony forms part, was anciently called Muscry O'Millane. At the time of the Anglo-Norman invasion it belonged to the MacCarthys, and the last King of Munster, Dermod MacCarthy, had his royal residence there. It then came into the possession of the de Cogans, who erected a feudal fortress on the site of the previous structure at Carrigaline, calling it Beau-voir. This castle was afterwards, for over two centuries, in possession of the Earls of Desmond. In old manuscripts that part forming a peninsula in Cork Harbour was called Long-a Gowgon, "the ship of Cogan." Milo de Cogan, one of the two knights to whom Cork was originally granted by Henry II, 1177, was slain at Lismore, although tradition says he was buried in Barnahely graveyard, in which parish thede Cogans had another castle now incorporated with the modern Castle-Warren. There was a Richard de Cogan lord of the manor of Barnahely in 1536. In ancient maps of the district are found the Danish names of Gowle, Coppinger and Skiddie, and it is generally supposed to have formed part of the Danish cantred excepted by Henry II in his grant to Fitzstephen and de Cogan of the kingdom of Cork. The name of Skiddy is perpetuated in Ringaskiddy, in Cork Harbour (Reenaskiddy, "Skiddy's headland.") The Earls of Shannon formerly had their seat at Shannon Park, in this barony.

Once held by Richard Henry John - Viscount Boyle of Bandon

Links to Barretts, Barrys, Roches, Fitzgeraids and Cogan family surnames:

 As time passed, the Barretts, Barrys, Roches and Fitzgeraids came to incur upon the holdings of the de Cogan family in Cork, as their fortunes declined. In 1405 it is given that the family was centred at Kerrycurrihy in Cork, and the name remained plentiful here into the 17th century as evidenced by the census of 1659. Records indicate that the family was centred at Barnahely Castle and Goolmore Castle even after the decline of the family in the 15th century. They are additionally tied to the castles of Aglish, Macroom, Crosshaven, Cullen, Ballyhea, Kilbolane and Rathgogan, among others.

Townland list for the Barony- If any Gold or Oil is found then you get paid royalties (Commission) as there are full registered mineral rights.

Townland Area
Barony Civil parish Poor law union
Adamstown 436 Kerrycurrihy Ballinaboy Cork
Aghamarta 378 Kerrycurrihy Templebreedy Kinsale
Ardmore 285 Kerrycurrihy Marmullane Cork
Ardnacloghy 62 Kerrycurrihy Carrigaline Cork
Ballea 930 Kerrycurrihy Liscleary Kinsale
Ballinhassig Town Kerrycurrihy Ballinaboy Cork
Ballinluska 255 Kerrycurrihy Templebreedy Kinsale
Ballinphelic 564 Kerrycurrihy Liscleary Kinsale
Ballinrea South 197 Kerrycurrihy Carrigaline Cork
Ballinreeshig 419 Kerrycurrihy Killanully Cork
Ballintaggart 100 Kerrycurrihy Carrigaline Cork
Ballybricken 53 Kerrycurrihy Barnahely Cork
Ballyduhig South 233 Kerrycurrihy Carrigaline Cork
Ballyfouloo 140 Kerrycurrihy Monkstown Cork
Ballygarvan 1,251 Kerrycurrihy Carrigaline Cork
Ballyginnane 394 Kerrycurrihy Liscleary Kinsale
Ballygrissane 271 Kerrycurrihy Carrigaline Kinsale
Ballyhemiken 59 Kerrycurrihy Liscleary Cork
Ballymot 109 Kerrycurrihy Monkstown Cork
Ballynagrumoolia 424 Kerrycurrihy Ballinaboy Cork
Ballynametagh 165 Kerrycurrihy Carrigaline Cork
Ballynaneening 209 Kerrycurrihy Kilpatrick Kinsale
Ballynoe 204 Kerrycurrihy Ballinaboy Cork
Barnahely 451 Kerrycurrihy Barnahely Cork
Barrettshill & Rearour 608 Kerrycurrihy Ballinaboy Cork
Boycestown 158 Kerrycurrihy Carrigaline Kinsale
Brownstown 146 Kerrycurrihy Kilpatrick Kinsale
Carrigaline Town Kerrycurrihy Carrigaline Kinsale
Carrigaline Town Kerrycurrihy Kilmoney Kinsale
Carrigaline 84 Kerrycurrihy Liscleary Cork
Carrigaline East 332 Kerrycurrihy Carrigaline Cork
Carrigaline Middle 406 Kerrycurrihy Carrigaline Cork
Carrigaline West 458 Kerrycurrihy Carrigaline Cork
Castlepoint Town Kerrycurrihy Templebreedy Kinsale
Commeen 589 Kerrycurrihy Carrigaline Kinsale
Coolmore 558 Kerrycurrihy Carrigaline Cork
Coolsallagh 273 Kerrycurrihy Liscleary Kinsale
Crosshaven 189 Kerrycurrihy Templebreedy Kinsale
Crosshavenhill 274 Kerrycurrihy Templebreedy Kinsale
Curraghbinny 586 Kerrycurrihy Carrigaline Cork
Fahalea 285 Kerrycurrihy Carrigaline Kinsale
Fountainstown North 80 Kerrycurrihy Kilpatrick Kinsale
Frenchfurze 490 Kerrycurrihy Carrigaline Kinsale
Gortnanoon 203 Kerrycurrihy Templebreedy Kinsale
Hilltown 140 Kerrycurrihy Carrigaline Cork
Hoddersfield 535 Kerrycurrihy Templebreedy Kinsale
Inchigeelagh 13 Kerrycurrihy Templebreedy Kinsale
Kilcolta 140 Kerrycurrihy Templebreedy Kinsale
Killanully 456 Kerrycurrihy Killanully Cork
Killeen 37 Kerrycurrihy Kilpatrick Kinsale
Kilmichael East 78 Kerrycurrihy Templebreedy Kinsale
Kilmichael West 175 Kerrycurrihy Templebreedy Kinsale
Kilmoney 1,430 Kerrycurrihy Kilmoney Kinsale
Kilnaglery 577 Kerrycurrihy Carrigaline Kinsale
Kilnahone 229 Kerrycurrihy Killanully Cork
Kingsland 117 Kerrycurrihy Ballinaboy Cork
Knockmore 189 Kerrycurrihy Carrigaline Cork
Knocknagore 327 Kerrycurrihy Templebreedy Kinsale
Lackaroe 64 Kerrycurrihy Monkstown Cork
Liskillea 444 Kerrycurrihy Ballinaboy Cork
Loughbeg Town Kerrycurrihy Barnahely Cork
Loughbeg 143 Kerrycurrihy Barnahely Cork
Maulbaun 143 Kerrycurrihy Monkstown Cork
Meadstown 982 Kerrycurrihy Liscleary Kinsale
Moanroe 240 Kerrycurrihy Kilpatrick Kinsale
Monkstown Town Kerrycurrihy Monkstown Cork
Monkstown (Castle Farm) 256 Kerrycurrihy Monkstown Cork
Monkstown 206 Kerrycurrihy Monkstown Cork
Myrtleville 79 Kerrycurrihy Templebreedy Kinsale
Park 43 Kerrycurrihy Monkstown Cork
Parkgarriff 255 Kerrycurrihy Monkstown Cork
Passage West Town Kerrycurrihy Marmullane Cork
Passage West Town Kerrycurrihy Monkstown Cork
Pembroke 243 Kerrycurrihy Marmullane Cork
Rafeen 550 Kerrycurrihy Liscleary Cork
Raheenering 127 Kerrycurrihy Carrigaline Cork
Raheens 175 Kerrycurrihy Carrigaline Cork
Raheens East 34 Kerrycurrihy Carrigaline Cork
Rathanker 320 Kerrycurrihy Monkstown Cork
Rearour and Barrettshill 608 Kerrycurrihy Ballinaboy Cork
Ringaskiddy 246 Kerrycurrihy Barnahely Cork
Shanagraigue 465 Kerrycurrihy Liscleary Kinsale
Shanbally 353 Kerrycurrihy Carrigaline Cork
Shannonpark 201 Kerrycurrihy Carrigaline Cork
Tullig Beg 150 Kerrycurrihy Ballinaboy Cork
Tullig More 447 Kerrycurrihy Ballinaboy Cork


The 1659 census did not enumerate by household. However, surname frequencies were noted. Below is a list of the surnames found in Kerrycurrihy, in descending order of frequency.


Surname(s) Number Surname(s) Number
Cogane 22 O'Connell 7
Murphy 19 O Dorney 7
Leaghy 17 McMorris 7
Barry 16 O Shea 7
McDaniell 15 McShane 7
Shehane 12 Brenagh 6
Sullevane 10 O Daly 6