How to avoid being ripped off!

A number of sites have "sprung" up recently claiming to arrange genuine Titles or "Reclaimed Titles".


THE TRUTH: Obtaining a Genuine Researched Title needs to be expertly handled by professionals, expert Genealogists, experienced Manorial researchers, with a guaranteed track record. You only get what you pay for, if it's cheap there is a reason why!


Somebody working anonymously, OR PART-TIME is not the right choice, it's more like a silly gamble. If you can't phone them during office hours, changes are they are running their enterprise "part-time"- as a nice little earner on the side, but changes are they don't have a clue what they are doing, making huge mistakes in their approach and claims. Someone who only answers calls after he finishes his other jobs does not inspire confidence.

5 ways to spot a possible FAKE TITLE provider.

1. Claims to have been "in this business for years".

Only 1 website has been in this business for 21 years ours- NOBLE TITLES - www.nobility.co.uk



2. Cheap prices that sound too good to be true!

That's because they aren't true. Sounds great until you have sent the money.

Truth is, you get what you pay for. Genuine Researched Titles depending on the country, cost from around £1,000-£40,000 = $1,400-$60,000 U.S for the very highest level Titles.

So if someone tells you he can make you a Genuine Lord of the Manor for only £150 = $225 or less You can be sure it's a fake.

If someone tells you "you can have a Reclaimed Title" that they have researched and if it is found not to be safe and belongs to someone else they will refund you your money- but they can't refund you your embarrassment. Proper research on Titles is a specialist skill and should only be carried out by companies with experience in this field of expertise.

We have hundreds of emails from people who have been hooked by "bargain basement" prices, only to find out later that several hundred other people have the same title.

One new company claims to sell "reclaimed Titles", most of which belong to other people, but he will give you a refund if you find out that you have been sold someone else's Title. Sounds a bit amateur and dodgy, then it probably is.


3. Noble Titles are the experts.

Some sites will use similar sounding domain names trying to confuse visitors to their website into thinking they are dealing with us.

Always check.


4. Using Claims of being a Society or legitimate organisation.

There is a company claiming to be The Manorial Society of Great Britain founded 1906, when you check at Companies House it was formed 1996, due to the fact that his first company Manorial Research Ltd went bust owing over a £Million. The real manorial society was a parliamentary pressure group , nothing to do with selling titles. The same person running the Manorial Society of Great Britain runs Auctioneers selling Titles at sometimes 3 times their worth, where the auctioneer often runs up the bidding to increase his commission and rip off the purchaser, this practice is illegal in most countries throughout the world, but here in England there is no law against running up the price at auction (pretending someone else is bidding to increase the price).

Robert Smith and his Fake Society Sold FAKE TITLES

"In the circumstances, it is hardly surprising that Stephen McPartlin, the aggrieved lord of the non-existent manor of Flushing, is suing Robert Smith". Judgement was granted to Stephen McPartlin on 9th August 2001, and he was awarded £4,500 against Robert Smith.

[Public Records can be Published.]The following was taken from Court records which are in the Public Domain- People should know what a U.K Judge said about Robert Smith:

His honour Judge Cooke said about Robert Smith

"Robert Smith & his organisation (Manorial Society) are seriously deficient when it comes to what could be called the legal or professional side. Although he undertakes the duties of an auctioneer he is, I think, less than precise as to those duties, both as to how to conduct business and how to deal with the other people's money."

His Honour Judge Cooke also said about Robert Smith:

"(1) His methods of doing business are ill-organised and inefficient

(ii) that he is a careless researcher, near to the point of recklessness

(iii) that he has no proper "feel" for his duties as a handler of other people's money

(iv) I have to say this, that many statements made by him in documents were NOT TRUE or not to be relied on."

His Honour Judge Cooke also said about Robert Smith:

"The research was said by Mr Smith to be that of "unnamed assistants", some of them from American university. I am not very satisfied about this. I think it is largely his work, and anyway he put his oath to it and his duty was to check what he swore to.


5. Believe everything you read on the internet?

Competition on the internet to get you to buy your Title from their website is fierce, many companies resort to "Dirty Tricks" by hosting websites discrediting legitimate competitors in an attempt to smear their good name so you buy from them instead. Some websites pretend to offer information or purport to be "Whistle blowers on scam merchants" for the benefit of the public good, when in reality they are "Confidence Tricksters" trying to get you to believe that they are honest and have hosted their website out of the goodness of their heart to provide information without any money reward, the truth is: the whole purpose of the website is to drive you to contact them where they will provide you with a company who will sell you a Title.

Our service is different.

1. We have been providing PRIVATE and CONFIDENTIAL genuine researched titles to our customers for 20 years, totally researched having gone through 12 checks to verify that they are GENUINE, available and not being used by anyone else.
2. Our company employs experts with over 28 years combined experience in this field of expertise.
3. We are available to speak to you over the phone to answer any questions personally without the necessity of trailing through websites to find the answers, feel free to phone us 9am-12-Midnight 7 days a week, we are here to provide you with a professional service unmatched by any other firm available at convenient times.
4. We don't charge you £15 for a list of Titles for sale either,
5. We put our list on the Internet for anyone to see free of charge.
6. We don't add on any "administrative" or Legal fees.

That's the difference. WE SELL GENUINE TITLES

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