What the Title holder gets

From a legal perspective the title holder is entitled to the following:

  • Incorporeal Hereditaments (Inheritable Rights of Ownership to the Title)
  • All benefit and interest (change of Passport, Driving licence, Bank Accounts & Credit Cards for example)
  • Intellectual property rights (researched material & research service provided) to the researched bygone "styled titled name or legend"
  • Use of the title "styled titled name or legend".
  • All above mentioned right title and interest to the bygone Lordship of the Manor (or other styled Titled name and legend), namely the use of the styled titled name Lord of the Manor of ****** are transferred by assignment.

The following documents are provided:


Legal 'Deed of Title' and 'Title Deed of Assignment' (deed that transfers ownership of rights).

The following display documents are provided:

  • Court Deed (Manorial)
  • Title Deed of Conveyance (Deed that transfers ownership of rights) (A3 size)
  • Official Lawyers Letter
  • Certificate
  • History (where available)
  • Title Guarantee (Insurance) 

The documents are supplied in a leather bound Manorial Medieval 12th Century style presentation case.