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Royal Lordship and Ladyship Widford £4,500 = $6,200 
(Once held by King Henry VIII 1538) recorded in Doomsday Book 1086-935 years old.

Widford Manor






"Many websites sell "Seated Titles" (A Title with a plot of Land) whilst this sounds legal they are in fact all FAKE. What they are actually selling is a name change and a souvenir plot of land".

Free Coat of Arms

Lordships from £1,495 - Baronies from £1,800 - Princes from £55K We Sell Lords & Lady, Baron & Baroness, Count & Countess, Marquis & Marchioness, Duke & Duchess and Prince & Princess.

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All our titles are 100% legal for any nationality to buy.

CONFORMS WITH: "Honours (Prevention of Abuses) Act, 1925" (Therefore all our titles are 100% legal genuine inheritable titles)

All our titles qualify the buyer to join "Title Nobilis"

Title Nobilis
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The Founder of Title Nobilis Count Sandro Calley

All our titles are registered at the "Landed Gentry Register"

Every Title is vetted and researched to ensure it is genuine before we offer it for sale. Nobility.co.uk are "Heritage Researchers and Purveyors of Titles, with over 22 years of experience in genealogical research, we buy and sell genuine titles (proof of ownership is required). Our researchers are members of the Society of Genealogists.

  • Lord (Lordships) Lady
  • Baron (Barony) Baroness
  • Laird (Scottish Lord) Lady

Titles 'Hundreds of Years Old' Recorded in English History Books, including Titles once held by Kings & Queens of England & Titles held by Knights Templars & Hospitallers.

The Manorial Feudal Title system started in England in 1066 with the invasion from France by William the Conqueror in the “Battle of Hastings”. In 1086 an audit was made called the ‘Doomsday Book’ cataloguing who owned what and where, this was for tax reasons.

The Feudal system was originally a form of governing and tax collecting, where the “Vills” (villagers) paid tax to their Lord of the Manor, who kept some and paid some to the Baron (principal Lordship) who kept some and paid some to the King. Feudal means ‘Based on land ownership’. With the industrial revolution villagers came off the land to get higher paid jobs, this resulted in the breakdown of the Feudal system forcing Lords and Barons to pay for work carried out by their subsistence farmers, whereas before they had to do work for the Lords or Barons for free and pay them tax.

With the advent of the motor car and the necessity for more roads, the UK government reformed the rights that Lords and Barons had over the land and introduced the Law of Property Act 1925, which introduced the Land Registry. In the same year there was a precedent Court case Beaumont v Jeffreys where land was sold and the seller kept the Lordship Title, a judge ruled this was legal, after which the Law of Property Act was amended ruling all Manorial Feudal Titles separate from the land itself, therefore all Titles since 1925 have been separate from the land itself. You can buy the Title without owning the land. There are companies selling “Landed Titles”, these are (under the laws of England and Wales) “FAKE”, they are souvenir land plots (WE DO NOT SELL THEM).

We were one of the first companies to use the Internet as a source of information for potential customers and after many years of trading have built up an enviable reputation. Many of our customers stay in touch with us and some have even become friends. We will be very happy to assist you with our experienced and confidential service'.

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How to become a Lord of the manor is simple, just choose your title from our list available, click and purchase within minutes. Even if you do not have a bank card you can purchase through fast bank transfer. Secure Online Credit / Debit Card Transactions.

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