International Noble Title Registry
All our Titles Qualify for entry into 'Court of Nobility' "INTERNATIONAL NOBLE TITLE REGISTRY"


Conveyance of Title

1. A Conveyance deed that transfers the Title from the existing owner to you in a Manorial Court (Through Lawyers)
similar to the bottom left deed. If any original velum deeds are included there will be photos in the description.

2. Framed Certificate of Title.

3. Lawyers Letter (used to change Bank Cards, cheque book and official records)

4. Declaration of Title
Conforming with the 1835 declaration Act, Law of Property Act 1925, Honours Prevention of Abuses Act 1925

The Declaration Act 1835 – It is a current legal deed now in 2020 used by owners of property to make statements of a legal nature (declarations). In our particular case it is not used to claim the title, it is used to declare what searches were made on the ownership of the title. In the history there is clear known previous owners of the title.

5. Medieval style Leather Wallet

6. Coat of Arms
Coat of Arms

7. Insurance

Our Company carryies out 12 security genealogical checks on ownership before advertising a title for sale. Our checks are backed by our company's Indemnity and Malpractice insurance to £250,000 per Title.

8. Membership rights to join Order of International Court of Nobility
Court of Nobility



9. FREE Solicitor (Lawyer) Legal fees.

10. Inheritance Certificate (Issued by the 'Manorial Court') Framed. 
      Given by the Title holder to the person they want to inherit the Title.
(Displays new 'Coat of Arms')

Inheritance Certificate

Image is blurred for security purposes.

11. Court of Nobility ID Card
Court of Nobility card
Card ID commenced 30th October 2022

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