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Title Nobilis (Noble Title)



Originally founded in 1996 in Malta by a Count and Knights Templar Grand Master, initiator interested in preservation of historical family Titles and heritage. Sadly the count died in 2016, his son (The new Count) does not have the time to run the organisation and has passed the mantle onto our company.

Preserving Historical Titles in the following categories:

1. Nobility

2. Ancestral Heritage

3. Feudal

4. Manorial

Membership organisation in pursuit of preservation of historical Titles through Nobility, Ancestral Heritage, Feudal or Manorial Titles.

Single Membership
Granted to individuals with proof of Nobility, Ancestral Heritage, Feudal & Manorial ownership.

Title Medal

Family Membership (Inheritable)
Granted to an entire family with proof of Nobility, Ancestral Heritage, Feudal & Manorial ownership.
Family Membership Title Nobilis

Membership is open to all that provide proof/evidence to the above.


Annual membership fees 
Single = £200
Family = £375



1    Member’s Email
Free member’s email yourname@TitleNobilis.com

2    Members Only Offers
Members will be offered limited edition collectibles of historical heritage nature as fund raising for the organisation, your kind support will be gratefully received.

4   Invitations to Charity Events 

Charity Event Gatherings (Black Tie event) where all nobles gather at dinner events to raise money for charity.

All our customers automatically qualify for membership to Title Nobilis. 

Membership is however open to all that qualify

To Join please submit your petition here Email: membership@titlenobilis.com