'Court of Nobility' Founded 1793 - Membership

 Court of Nobility

The 'Court of Nobility' is the only organisation that supplies information to His Majesty's government departments of new owners of Manorial/Feudal Titles in the UK for registration purposes since 1889, therefore the correct UK ministry department will be notified that you are the new owner of the Title. Such information is neccessary for security clearance should you attend any event with Royal presence.


Originally FOUNDED 1793

All our Titles qualify for membership to "the Court of Nobility".
Guaranteed membership.
See www.courtofnobility.org 

 International Noble Title Register

Published Bi-yearly 2025 - 2027 - 2029 - 2031 - 2033 +
Retail Price - £48

Entry fees
Title & Name only £78
Title, Name & 3 lines of description £158
Title, Name & 1/4 page of Description £358
Title, Name & Full Page including Coat of Arms £778

450 Books will be given to Libraries in UK, Europe, America, Canada & Australia.

If your name & Title appear in the book you may purchase copies at the following discount:
1 Copy = £40
3 Copies = £111
10 Copies = £350
20 Copes = £600

  • The Order accepts Titles granted by Rulers, Feudal Titles, Military Titles, ancient titles and Holy Roman Empire titles.
  • Annual fees €145

Definition of Nobility

Whilst you could say that only titles granted by rulers (Kings and Queens) are nobility, the order accepts feudal titles as said holders of feudal titles were regarded in that period as “Nobility Class”. As feudalism means ‘once based on land ownership’ it could easily be argued that to rule an area of land is to be classed higher that the inhabitants or commoners, therefore, regarded as ruling class, which is the very definition of nobility. The Order therefore accepts Titles granted by Rulers, Feudal Titles, Military Titles, ancient titles and Holy Roman Empire titles.


Once a year (normally May) we hold our ‘NOBILITY BALL’ to which all members are invited to attend. The cost of tickets are to cover food and drink costs. The Ball is held in Europe. Please understand that security for such an event is paramount, the country and city will be made public but only members attending will be notified of the premises, therefore the actual location is only release days before the event. All members are required to wear their full Title regalia and membership badge. All members have the right to attend every year, however it is the member's choice to attend or not!

Nobility has always had secret organizations that they belonged to, ever since the French revolution 1789, where the commoners sought to abolish nobility with fatal consequence's. They would meet in secret once a year bringing with them a bronze or silver plate which they put on the table and used to eat food off. A piece of bread was placed on the plate (to cover the crest, in case any uninvited persons came in) which all food was then served onto the bread, at the end of the meal the bread could be eaten.





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