We've answered a few of the more common questions asked about our Titles below.

Q: How much will it cost me?
A: Prices start from £1,500 and thereafter increase depending on the actual Manor name, age and available history. There is no other fees to paid. The transfer of ownership is a conveyancing process using a "Title Deed Assignment Document".

Q: Are our Titles officially recognised?
A: Lordships of the Manor, or the rights to use a styled titled name or legend are legally recognised in Law under the Law of Property Act 1925.

Q: What is the correct form of address?
A: Once you have acquired your English manor title, the correct form of address for the  fictional town of Nobletown is: "Arthur John Smith, Lord of the Manor of Nobletown" Whilst this is to be used for legal purposes,  the credit card companies will replace "MR" with "LORD", this practice is permitted providing that the use of the 'styled titled name' is not to be used to purport to be a peer of the realm, or to deceive in any way. We do not purport to sell peerages or titles of dignity. This conforms with "right to peaceful enjoyment of possession", as laid down by the substantive law of the European Convention of Human Rights: first protocol - Article 1.

Q: What property is associated with the titles?
A: In technical terms - "Incorporeal hereditaments, and a right, privilege". The term "Manor" includes a bygone lordship, and reputed manor or lordship. Corporeal property is tangible items of property, such as land and buildings, Incorporeal property is intangible, like fishing rights, or right of access on land you do not own, or rights to a styled titled name - 'Lordships of the Manor'.

Q: What rights come with this title?
A: Only the right to use the styled titled name unless otherwise stated.

Q: Can our Titles be mentioned on Passports/Driving Licences?
A: United Kingdom, United States of America, most European Countries, and most commonwealth countries are able to add these titles to their Passport and Driving Licence. Some Countries like Australia forbid all titles. In this instance citizens can use their rights of identity under International Law to have an observation added to their passport & Driving Licence that they are "Also Known As ******** Lord of the Manor of *****" or alias. Additional Legal Documentation can be provided to support the title this way.

Q: Are Lord of the Manor titles inheritable?
A:Yes, they can be left to whoever you wish.

Q: I am a national of India, Poland, Nigeria, Chile etc., Can I purchase a Lord of the Manor title?
A: Yes, it can be purchased by an individual of any nationality.

Q: Does my wife get a title?
A: Yes, your wife will become Lady of the Manor, or any women that you nominate as Lady.

Q: Do my children get a title?
A: No.

Q: Does my partner get a title?
A: Yes, you can appoint your partner with the respective Lady (if you are the Lord) or Lord (if you are the Lady) title.

Q: Will I be entitled to sit in the House of Lords?
A: No, these are historical titles and not the same as those bestowed by present day Government /Royalty.

Q: What type of Insurance is in place?
A: Company Indemnity

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