Terms of Trading

For completeness, this page gives you details of our terms and conditions.

Due to the legal nature of the work involved, all procedures adopted by Noble Titles must comply with the laws of England. All procedures and documentation have been drafted by a U.K barrister, and we employ an experienced in-house Lawyer to oversee certain parts of the transfer of Titles process.

Delivery is normally 7-10 days from order.

Each Manor is zero-rated for Value Added Tax (VAT).

Currency conversion will be credited for foreign monies at the prevailing rate on the day that they are converted into sterling, and copies of the bank advice will be forwarded to the purchaser upon request. Any shortfall shall be paid on demand.

Payment may be made by personal UK bank cheque, or Building Society cheque, or UK Company cheque, bank transfer; and cash. Overseas cheques will not be accepted except by prior arrangements. Reservation/Holding deposits are Non-refundable unless otherwise stated. With Titles of Nobility or Feudal Titles a non-refundable 20% deposit holds and removes the Title from sale for a period of 30 days, longer than 30 days require a 30% non-fundable deposit. Any due refunds please allow 14 days due to banking clearance reasons.

Noble Titles acts as Agents for the Principal with regards to 'Titles of Nobility', where Titles require further legal work after transfer of rights Noble Titles are not responsible for any legal adoption or further legal work once the transfer of rights have been completed as this is not under our control. Our contractual obligation is to transfer the title rights only, once completed all future legal work are the responsibility of the Principal and the purchaser.

Purchasers of Titles must not (without the permission of Noble Titles) themselves, or by any third party, copy, make use of, or establish a business selling or offering in any way shape or form, any full or part service providing Noble Titles or any other titles, as this would be an infringement the intellectual property rights of Noble Titles and its associates.

The purchaser(s) understand and accepts that all Titles provided by Noble Titles do not include any feudal rights, manorial, or other rights, unless clearly stated in writing, and are based on historical research of manorial, feudal, agricultural, survey maps, doomsday records, historical manuscripts, genealogical & historical data bases, recognised historical reference books, County & Public reference Offices, and archives; backed by legal notice, declarations.

Noble Titles has carried out 12 checks and guarantees that all searches revealed no other claim to the rights to the TITLE(S) (styled titled name or legend). Any rings, seals or original documents supplied with Titles are evaluated but opinions of authenticity are for guide purposes only "in the style of" and therefore we do not guarantee them; they do not form part of a contract and are not regarded as having any value or importance other than intrinsic and novelty value.

Refunds are subject to trading standards distant selling laws and the laws of England and Wales apply to consummer sales, goods fit for the purpose up to 28 days, after which time refunds will only be made if goods are not as described. Please be aware that it can take up to 25 days depending on the transaction.

The purchaser(s) understand and accepts that all Titles provided by Noble Titles include use of "Coats of Arms" / CREST (Copyright Protected).

The purchaser(s) understand and accept that all Titles provided by Noble Titles are "Incorporeal Hereditaments" (property rights) allowing the use of the styled titled name Lord of the Manor of *****or reputed bygone Lordship of the Manor to be adopted by the purchaser and that all said rights to the Lordship of the Manor or reputed Lordship of the Manor (if any) are transferred by Assignment Deed if the Manorial rights have lapsed, or by Conveyance Deed if Manorial rights (if any) still exist in compliance with the Misdescription Act 1991, Trade Descriptions Act 1968 and Fraud Act 2006.

Form of Address

The correct form of address in writing is "Arthur John Smith" Lord of the Manor of ***** although the use of the title is up to the title holders themselves and the most common forms of address are:
Lord "Arthur John Smith"
Lord Smith of ****
Lord Smith
Lord ****

The holder may use any form of address or use of the Title(s) provided they do not purport to be a peer of the realm.

Purchasers understand that any references to peerage titles offered for sale are referring to NON-UNITED KINGDOM PEERAGES. Any documents supplied with references or signatures to peerage Titles are NON UNITED KINGDOM PEERAGES OR TITLES.

Petitioning and Consultancy services are adopted for Diplomatic positions, these services involve visits to certain counties where large expenses are incurred, and therefore initial deposits of 40% are non-refundable as they represent payment for said services. On payment of the 60% balance which is also used for 'Consultancy Services' and where necessary further visits to said countries, purchasers understand that monies paid are for work carried out on their behalf and are therefore non-refundable.

Whilst every effort is made by our dedicated team of researchers (members of the Society of Genealogists) to ensure the validity and accuracy of all title transactions, by means of a thorough searches of all data available at the time of processing (genealogical indemnity insurance of £250,000), in the extremely unlikely event that a title should be the subject of a prior claim, Noble Titles will give the purchaser a full refund, and as a gesture of goodwill (without prejudice) another title of equal status at 50% of the retail value, & free of transfer charges.

Credit Card Processing Authorization
I accept Noble Title’s terms and conditions of trading and understand that upon payment via credit/debit card that I am removing from sale said Title, resulting in legal fees paid on my behalf, therefore any said deposit included in any payment (20%) is for reservation and removal from sale and advanced legal fees of said Title and deemed non-refundable. I confirm that the address used is the registered address for the credit/debit card and delivery address, therefore all responsibility of authorised use of my card is of my making, as the goods are delivered to my address.

Noble Titles is a trading name of Charter Gallant & Co. All Correspondence to,  Office Kemp house, 152-160 City Road, London EC1V 2NX.


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*** Titles from £1,000 ***

Who are Noble Titles?

Noble Titles  provide services to clientele world-wide, as well as in the United Kingdom of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.  Noble Titles offers clients the chance to obtain a legal Title enabling the owner to use the title wherever they go, with the knowledge that they are genuinely a Lord of the Manor (or Lady of the Manor). Our selection of titles is unique to us and has not passed through prior hands with a consequent increase in price. We have thousands of satisfied clients and are pleased to offer a full money back guarantee. 

Noble Titles - Key Features ->

Key features of our Titles

  • You will acquire a title with a genuine place in history, dating back to the Middle Ages.
  • If you purchase an English manor title, you will be able to call yourself the Lord of the Manor of an actual town or village in England, and your spouse may be called Lady of the Manor.
  • All titles are inheritable, and may be held by anyone from around the World.
  • If you wish, you may add your title to official documents, such as passport, credit cards, driver's licence or bank accounts.
  • Titles may be good investments - they are in limited supply, and in demand.


How it's possible to acquire a title Noble Titles - become a Lord or Lady of the Manor

We offer a range of title services which enable our clients to use the title of Lord of the Manor, Lady of the Manor or Baron.  We make 12 extensive searches of records and archives to ensure that the Titles can be sold, and you can be sure that the Titles are sound. "BACKED BY INSURANCE"

Our procedure has been checked by English and American Lawyers. Legal opinion has also been given by an U.K. Barrister.

There are many other titles in England, such as Earl and Knight, but these can usually only be granted by government or Royal decree.  

How do I obtain a Noble Title?

Prices start from £1,000 per title, with prices depending on the history and Manor name.  We will let you know in more detail about how to order the title of your choice.

Legal Status of the Titles

Our Titles are based on thorough historical research, backed by legal ownership documentation. All our Titles are inheritable, and can be conveyed, transferred or resold. In English Law the holding of a Lordship of the manor is treated as being separate from the actual lands of the manor, although in very rare cases the title may confer some rights associated with the Manor, such as land use or mineral rights. The title of Lord of the Manor is regarded as being an "incorporeal hereditament" (an inheritable property that has no explicit tie to the physical Manor itself) and is thus capable of being sold and purchased as property in its own right.

The rights refer to the use of the styled titled name or legend of a bygone Lordship of the Manor once held by means of Copyhold. (Copyhold was abolished in 1925. Manorial rights are attached to land ownership and consequently the right to the use of the styled titled name or legend is the only right remaining if no land is included).

Guarantee: Every effort is made by our dedicated team of researchers to ensure the validity and accuracy of all title transactions, by means of thorough searches of all data available at the time of processing. We guarantee that in the extremely unlikely event that a title should be the subject of a prior claim, we will give the purchaser a full refund, and as a gesture of goodwill (without prejudice) another title of equal status at 50% of the retail value, free of transfer charges.

You don't have to live in the United Kingdom
to be eligible for a Noble Title


What are the benefits?

Whether or not you experience a difference in the attitude of people towards you, having a manor title will give you a sense of historical belonging.  These titles have a fascinating and ancient background, and are a unique feature of English history.

Some Lords and Ladies of the Manor claim they are treated with greater deference and respect when people know they are Titled.  Others think they get better service in restaurants and hotels.  We don't claim our titles will change your life - but there is undeniably something almost timeless and truly historical about being a Lord of the Manor (or Lady of the Manor).

William confers a Lordship after his conquest of England