COUNT & COUNTESS OF CHARNY (Alexandre Dumas (24 July 1802 – 5 December Famous book "The Countess de Charny") comes with 1/4 Acre Nobility Land

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MAN - Comte de Charny or Count de Charny

WOMAN - Comtessa de Charny or Countess de Charny
SONS - Comte or Count (First Name) de Charny
DAUGHTERS Comtessa or Countess (first name) de Charny

Famous for Alexandre Dumas 24 July 1802 – 5 December book "The Countess de Charny"
Alexandre Dumas most famous book "The Three Musketeers".

Comes with just over 1/4 Acre Nobility Land (Orchard)

Originally sold by Burge's Peerage in August 1999 (Signed by Harold Brooks-Baker himself)

Brief history

                    Comte de charny

Charny sur Mouse is a small village on the Mouse river, which later becomes the Mass and this is now known for the important Maastricht treaty establishing many of the rules of the European union.


The village, itself has little obvious charm but is near the city of Verdun.

In modern times, Verdun was the name given to the most famous battles of the great war. The French were not doing at all well against the German forces. Desertion was a rife and what had been known as la Grande Année was a shadow of its former self. In desperation the French Government set up to save the situation, a certain General Petain. Pierre Petain succeeded and was rewarded with the elevation to the rank of Maréchal de France. A small post-script to this story is that the general later claimed that he could not have won the day without the help of his messenger pigeons.      The country later turned to Petain, during the second world war, and he became President of the German-Occupied section of his country. For this betrayal, his is still a name that is not mentioned.         The family that were seigneurs  of  Charny does not seem to have distinguished itself in any remarkable manner. However, by deed of not upsetting the Duke of Lorraine and by generally giving good and loyal service, the land was raised to the rank of country [countship]. Verdun has a more interesting history. It was, with Toul and Metz, one of the three semi- independent bishoprics that played an important part in the religious wars that so ravaged much of Europe in the early XVII Century. Lorraine was until 1765, an independent state which owed as much allegiance to the Germanic Empire as it did to France. Indeed, it was on that date that the last duke, from the original family, left to marry Maria Teresia of Austria and to become Holly Roman Emperor. The cathedral, in Verdun, is still one of the most impressive of all religious edifices.

Registration of the title and land will incur French Notary fees & Taxes. (NOT INCLUDED)