Baron & Baroness Saintonge France = $12,000 2021-SALE REDUCED

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LOUIS VUITTON founded in 1854 Paris France has a Bag named after this famous area in France called:
"LOUIS VUITTON Saintonge Shoulder Bag M43556 Monogram Leather Brown".


Baron & Baroness silver Badge

ADD an Investiture Ceremony by the Prince of Saintonge himself including dubbing of the sword for an extra fee in UK or Florida USA. Options of Lunch or Dinner?

This title has been certified by the 'Court of Nobility' to be authentic legal and proper, and comes with the Court of Nobility 'Certificate of authenticity'. Court date: 17th April 2022

Court of Nobility

Baron & Baroness of Saintonge from the West coast of France originated from the city of Saintes (Xaintonge). 

Transfered through assignment deed.

Man = Baron
Woman = Baroness

Full regalia
Saintonge 1777 Tunic