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Marquis and Marchioness                                     £15,000                      MQ                        Marquis John Smith MQ.HKT.B


Templar Structure

Templar logo

Only Royalty and the Knights Templars have "Fons Honorum" (Letters Patent) the right to Grant titles.

The Knights Templar was originally formed in 1118. Banned by the Pope Clement V and King Phillip IV of France in 1312 forcing the Order to go underground but influencing world affairs from the shadows for 7 centuries. The Order exists in France, UK, Spain and Portugal with “Commanderies” (outposts) all over the world. Originally “KNIGHTS OF THE TEMPLE” they hold many secrets of planet earth and only divulge all secrets to their elite members, their own granted legal ‘nobility’ through ‘Letters Patent’ (legal instrument of granting titles of nobility by Crown or Oder).

Genuine Knights Templar Order
This Knights Templar order (UK) is recognised by the Vatican as having links to the original 12th century Order. The Vatican carried out an investigation in the late 20th Century by Count Sandro Calley (Ex Vatican Priest) and Grand Master of Byzantium Knights Templars of the Holy Sepulchre in Malta.

Wealthiest Landowners (Barons and Lords)
At the height of the Knights Templar rule (12th-13th century) the Order owned over 9,000 manors in the UK (out of a total of 17,000) making them the wealthiest organisation in the UK with more manors than the King or the Church. Their wealth stretched as far as France, Spain, Switzerland, Germany, Jerusalem and Portugal.


Power and Status
Apart from their banking and finance prowess the Knights Templar had the largest army in the world. With “Letters Patent” they could create Knights, Counts, Barons, Lords etc… and grant lands with the titles on behalf of the Order. They had more power and influence than any Kingdom of the known world. Even after the Pope Clement V and King Phillip IV of France banned the Order, they merely transferred the ownership of their lands into their brother Order “Knights Hospitallers” the organisation responsible for ‘Hospitals’ throughout Europe and beyond.

Today 21st Century
Today the original Order is split into countries:
France (Templi)
UK (Templars Britannia)
Spain (Templarios)
Germany (Teutonic Knights)
Switzerland (Knights)
Malta (Knights of Malta) + (Byzantium Knights Templars of the Holy Sepulchre)
Portugal (Poor Knights of Christ - Templarios) - (President 'Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa' is the GRAND MASTER)

These original Orders with links to the 12th-14th century Order are not connected to modern Freemasonry ‘Knights Templars’ which are ceremonial based Masons that have adopted Templar style and customs for modern fraternity use. Such use of Templar uniforms, medals, rings and symbols (incorrect symbols) appears to be for merchandising reasons with a lack of any real Templar secret knowledge.

“Once a Templar always a Templar”
The brotherhood of the Templars is divided into two categories:
Lifetime members (Ordinary Members)
Inheritable Noble Members (Templar Nobility) these stay in your family for ever.
Templar Nobility is by invitation only, it must be proposed and seconded by existing ‘Noble Members’. I am an existing Noble member of the Knights Templars since 1986 (35 years) with permission from the Grand Master himself to offer ‘Templar Nobility’ Titles to men and women of merit and distinction.

“You only get what you pay for”
Understand that in life there is always the real McCoy and the imitation. If some internet website offers you a Templar Title for a few hundred $Dollars, €Euros or £Pounds it is not real, it is not linked to the original ‘KNIGHTS TEMPLARS’, likewise any Titles for cheap are imitation (fake), “you only get what you pay for”. What is offered here is genuine ‘Letters Patent’ Templar Nobility Titles (Inheritable). 

The beauty is “you will be  in the know” on the inside of the brotherhood, with brothers worldwide to help you. “It’s not what you know it’s who you know in this life”. We have Kings, Generals leaders of industry as Noble Members; have the best life you can have become a Noble Templar.

“Aliorum Opes et Auctoritatem

(Power and influence over others)

“Non Draco Sit Mihi Dux”

(The Dragon/Devil will not be my guide)

Knights Templar Alphabet

Templar symbol alphabet.

Knights Templar Knights Templar Cloak  Knights Templar SealReal Knights Templar shield

Knights Templar Appointments
Originally founded 1118
(Open to men and women of all faiths of honourable intentions)

Noble Titles are Authorised Official Petitioners
We are authorised petitioners on behalf of the Knights Templars.

We can petition on your behalf to acquire the appointment of Ambassador of the Knights Templars.

Man = Ambassador
Woman = Ambassador

The Knights Templar have the ability to grant positions through “Letters Patent”. The Knights Templars are recognised by the Vatican Rome, Italy.


Full regalia is included.

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