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Investiture Ceremony

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£1,200 £595
(having several investitures the same day - costs are reduced)

Private Investitures start from £2,000


Investiture Ceremony of the ‘Chain of Office’

Investiture Ceremony of the ‘Robing’ (Royal Ermine investiture Cloak placed onto the Titled person)

Investiture Ceremony of the ‘Crowning’ (Correct Crown for Title placed onto the Titled person)

Investiture Ceremony of the ‘Anointing with oil’ (investiture Oil [1/4 of a teaspoon] is poured from an investiture silver spoon onto the Titled person’s head)

Photographs of each part of the ceremony are taken and then final “Full Regalia (In Cloak, Crown & Chain)” photographs taken on a Genuine Royal King George III Throne Chair.

Followed by
Manorial Ball and Banquet

The Royal Banquet / Feast to celebrate the investiture of the Titled person with their guests of honour attending.

You may invite as many guests as you like to your First Manorial Ball and Banquet. Tickets are £130 per guest.

(Tickets go on sale on 11:00 am Monday 24th September)

Book early to avoid disappointment

Contact Lord Graham for TICKETS : 0208 1664 160