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ROYAL LORD and LADY of STEPNEY LONDON - (Famous for Tower of London) (Once held by King Henry VIII) $8000

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Lordship & Ladyship of Stebunheath (Stepney) London dating back to 1086 and recorded in the Doomsday book.

Famous for the Tower of London.

The TOWER OF LONDON was built by William the Conqueror in 1078

Famous prisoners of the tower:

  1. Anne Boleyn (2nd wife of King Henry VIII beheaded for adultery 1536
  2. Sir Walter Raleigh 3 times 1592, 1603 and 1618.

    In 1616 Raleigh dispatched to Central America in search of the mythical gold city of El Dorado. The mission proved unsuccessful, and Raleigh was arrested and executed.
  3. The Princes in the Tower 1483
    Twelve-year-old Prince Edward V and 10-year-old Prince Richard of Shrewsbury
    Duke of Gloucester, declared them illegitimate and claimed the throne for himself as King Richard III.
  4. Guy Fawkes 1605

    For The Gunpowder Plot would later become the inspiration for Guy Fawkes Day, a British holiday celebrated every November 5.
  5. Rudolf Hess, 1941

the deputy leader of the Nazi Party, was the last state prisoner to be held in the Tower, in May 1941.

  1. Gangsters the Kray twins, were the last people to be held, for a few days in 1952, for failing to report for national service.

    The Kray twins grew up in Bethnal Green ruled East London with an iron fist.

In the siege of Sidney Street – also known as the Battle of Stepney – in 1911, two Latvian anarchists, wanted for the murders of three policemen in Houndsditch, died in a house fire during an armed assault commanded by Winston Churchill.

The Lordship & Ladyship was held by the following:

Knights Hospitallers

Bishop of St Paul’s


King Henry Tudor VIII








Smyth or Smith






In purchasing this prestigious inheritable Royal Lordship & Ladyship one is buying a bygone Title of serious historical merit, with world renown recognition to the famous TOWER OF LONDON and Winston Churchill, such a Title warrants exceptional value with almost a thousand years of historical interest.

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