A RARE ROYAL BARON & BARONESS of EAST and WEST DEEPING Lincs (Once held by 20 KINGS & 4 QUEENS) = $14,000 (Includes 1 Original deed) + SOLID SILVER CHAIN OF OFFICE

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Solid Silver Chain of Office
Comes with Solid Silver Chain of Office

Once held by 20 Kings and 4 Queens
King Edward III (the Black Prince)
King Richard II
King Henry IV
King Henry V
King Henry VI
King Edward IV
King Edward V
King Richard III
King Henry VII
King Henry VIII
King Edward VI
Queen Mary I
Queen Elizabeth I
King James I
King Charles I
King Charles II
King James II
Queen Mary II
King William III
Queen Anne
King George I
King George II
King George III
King George IV


Certified by Feudal Court
Comes with 1 original deeds:



Baron and Baroness Title – Higher in Rank than a Lord and Lady Title.

                       Masculine  Feminine

English……...Baron     Baroness
French………Baron     Baronne
Italian……….Barone   Baronessa
Polish……….Baron      Baronowa
Portuguese….Baräo     Baronesa
Romanian…..Baron     Baroneasă
Russian……..Baron     Baronessa
Spanish……..Barón     Baronesa
Czech……….Baron     Barónka

German…….Freiherr  Freifrau
Swedish…….Friherre  Friherrinna
Norwegian….Friherre  Friherrinna
Dutch……….Vrijheer  Vrijvrouw
Danish………Friherre  Friherreinde

Most Lordships had a court that could deal with minor crimes, serious crimes were dealt with in the nearest Baron’s court called a “Court Baron”. The Baron’s Court was also a Tax collector on behalf of the crown in the feudal system. Baronial Courts (Baronial house for the Baron and Baroness) were generally far grander than a normal Manor house of Lords and Ladies, most Manor houses were no more than a farmhouse.

Barons and Baronesses would display their higher status to Lords and Ladies by holding banquets and offering their guests rare and expensive foods. They would wear expensive clothing often with gold or silver thread. The banqueting hall would have a grand large fireplace to keep their guest warm during the banquet. Wine was served in “Goat Skins” squeezed into wine jugs and served in pewter or wood tankers or silver goblets.  

To be a Baron and Baroness in the medieval times was like being a celebrity in today’s society. Commoners, Lords and Ladies had to bow to Barons and Baronesses. They rode big shire horses (medieval Ferrari) as a display of their status, they had knights (bodyguards) to guard them when they travelled. They were high society of their time. Titled people in the 21st century are so rare, most titled people inherited their title; people will think that is the case when you use your title. We are governed by strict privacy laws in Europe which do not allow us to disclose to anyone that you bought it, so the sale is absolutely private and confidential.


Sterling Silver with real Pearls

Crown is normally £1,500 extra. BUY IT WITH THE TITLE FOR ONLY £500 extra!


County: Lincolnshire, England


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Become a Baron & Baroness and upgrade your personal or company’s image through the use of this inheritable Title.



Manorial Ball
You will receive invitations to Manorial Balls 
 often attended by members of the Royal family where you will experience being introduced by your new Title as you enter the room 

              “LORD and LADY