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Lordship / Ladyship of LONG SUTTON = $5,280 [Title dates back to 1086]

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County: Hampshire, England



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What you receive:

 1. Court transfer deed for new Lord/Lady in Leather bound folder.

2. Legal Conveyance Deed in compliance with Manorial / Feudal Law and the Law of Property Act 1925. 
3. Official Solicitor's/Lawyers Letter for applying Title to Passport, Driving Licence, Cheque Book and Credit/Debit cards [where applicable]
4. Official Lordship / Ladyship Certificate with Official "LORD OF THE MANOR SEAL"
5. £250,000 = $375,000 = 
€287,000 Indemnity Insurance / Guarantee
6. Lordship History (where available) and List of known previous owners .

7. Gold Chain of Office, Medieval style of Lions rampant (heraldic meaning strength) with Title Nobilis medal in the middle. 

8. 2 x Medieval style rings in silver

9. One years membership to 'Title Nobilis'