Invest in Emerging Antiques

Investments are a mindfield nowadays of high risk investments with crytocurrencies, stocks & shares, crowd funding etc...

With buy-to-let no longer a viable option where do you invest? My answer is a simple one "Emerging Antiques", what is that I hear you saying? Genuine Antiques are vintage items that are more than 100 years old. When a period of collectibles reaches the 100 year mark and officially becomes "ANTIQUE" the price doubles. I witnessed this event in the year 2000 when Victoriana officially hit the over 100 years mark.


I was buying Victorian kitchen tables at auction for around £100 each before 2000, in January 2000 however they fetched £200-£250+ each all because they were now REAL GENUINE ANTIQUES.

Antique dealer 25+ years

I have been an Antique dealer for more than 25 years and seen antiques go up and down, yet, generally antiques longterm always go up over a 5-10 year period. We are coming into a very interesting period for Art Deco as the Art Deco period was 1920s-1930s. As we come to 2020 Art Deco collectibles reach the REAL GENUINE ANTIQUE stage. Between 2020-2025 they will double in value or more. Now is the time to invest in real Art Deco.

As an heirloom longterm investment they are excellent. No sudden crashes of value in classical antiques they are an excellent investment and you get injoyment from them. When people come to your home and say "WOW what a beautiful table" it shows that you have taste in refine things.

I am offering classical Art Deco furnishings as 'good investments' and tasteful items for you to use and cherish. Ideal for the home of any Nobleman or Noblewoman.