ROYAL LORD & LADY of HILLAM Yorkshire (Dates back to 963) 1060 years old (Includes 25 original antique deeds) (Also called: Hillame, Hillom, Hillum, Hyllum, Hilham, Hilton, Higham, Hallam) Yorkshire = $10,000

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(Dates back to 963) 1060 years old

Also called: Hillame, Hillom, Hillum, Hyllum, Hilham, Hilton, Higham, Hallam.

Once held by King Edgar 963

Comes with 25 Original Deeds :

Lord & Lady of Hillam

List of documents

1824 - Joseph Brown and George Dickinson

1826 John Gilliam and George Bunson

1826 William Heptonstall and John Heptonsall

1827 - William Heptonstall and John Tomlinson

1828 - Hepworth and Bew

1829 - Tomlinson and Crossland

1831 - George Bew of Micklefield, and Benjamin Crosland

1838 - George Burton and Mary Smith and George Cressey

1842 - George Cressey and Joseph Gilliam

1845 - George Brown and William Heptonstall

1853 - Martinn Heptonstall

1868 - Maskell and Heptonstall


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County: West Sussex, England


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